Dewatering System of The Vacuum Filter Press Machine

Dewatering System of The Vacuum Filter Press Machine

Requirements for dehydrating objects of this vacuum disc filter are as follows: 1.1 Mineral granularity is 100 to 400 meshes. 1.2 Pulp density is 35%~65% (metallic mineral) or 20%~40% (coal and other lightweight materials). 1.3 Pulp temperature is 10oC~30oC. 1.4 Material is non-corrosive (when...

Product Details

Requirements for dehydrating objects of this vacuum disc filter are as follows: 

1.1 Mineral granularity is 100 to 400 meshes. 

1.2 Pulp density is 35%~65% (metallic mineral) or 20%~40% (coal and other lightweight materials). 

1.3 Pulp temperature is 10oC~30oC. 

1.4 Material is non-corrosive (when corrosive material is treated, it shall be specially designed). 

Product Description

Disk vacuum filter uses vacuum as its filtering power to carry out solid-liquid separation of pulp.  
Unloading by anti-blowing,variable speed agitating,and automatic centralized lubrication and other 
advanced technologies make it to be the dehydration equipment with good performance and reliable application. 

This machine is the new type disk vacuum filter exclusively designed for the dehydration of iron ore
concentrate and non-ferrous metal ore. It also applies to coal washing plant, as well as non-metal ores, chemical industry and environmental protection operation.

Technical characteristics:

1. Overcoming some defects in the use of existing filter fans, the new filter fans we designed are characterized by even distribution of dewatering holes, reasonable aperture ratio, high strength
(the material of screen fans is high strength engineering plastic), long service life(the life increase
1 to 1.5 times on average) of it, as well as long service of filter cloth. Besides, the effective area
of screen fans is large which improves the handing ability of filter.

2. The structure of filtrate pipe is optimally designed. Leakage due to aging of rubble at the joint
of original flange is completely avoided.

3. The ends of agitating shafts adopt the flexible sealing method of three elements"rubber,permanent magnet, and water seal" initiated in China which effectively prevent leakage of slurry.

4 Specially made abrasion-resistant boron cast-iron friction plates are adopted which prduce
good sealing effects.

5. The filtrate pipes are high-strength and abrasion-resistant ceramic lined steel pipes whose servise
life is prolonged for over 5 times

6. Ten arc small press cakes are adopted for successive mutual gripping to press the screen fans
within a plane. This helps the maintenance persons to have less work during the replacement of filter
fans or filter cloth. Their labor intensity is reduced subtantially.

7. Continounsly variable transmission is adjusted according to the concentation and flow of materials(adjustable speed motors with alternating current or frequency converter) to achive ideal working effects

8. The dry oil pump is lubricated automatically at many points to ensure normal operation of equipment.


Working principle of vacuum disc filter:

Vacuum disc filter is solid--liquid separation equipment.Filter disc is driven by motor through 
reducer and open gear transmission, and it can rotate with certain speed in the tank filled with pulp. In 
the adsorption area,pressure difference is formed at two sides of filter medium by vacuum pump, so 
solid material can be adsorbed on the filter media (filter cloth) and filter cake is then formed.

When this part of filter disk is separated from pulp and enters into dehydration area, the water is 
continuously separated from the filter cake under the suction force of vacuum and is discharged from 
filtrate pipe and distributing head.

Filtercake is dried in this way. After entering into the unloading area, filter cake is unloaded from filter 
disk by scraper (or antiblow), falls into the material discharging channel and is taken away by gatheringand belt conveyor. 
The whole operation process is carried out continuously. 


Our Services

1.We have professional person on line to advise you the most suitable type of machie  according to your requirement.

2.Provide you comprehensive.easy-understanding and detail information and technical data about the machie you interested;solve your confusions or questions about the machine 

3.Arrange the schedule if you pay a visit to our factory.

4.Our technical engineer can also to your country guide for the installation ,operation ,solve problems and so on if required.


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