Ceramic Vacuum Filter For Coal Mine

Ceramic Vacuum Filter For Coal Mine

A modular structure is designed with this equipment, allowing for flexible installation and convenient transport.

Product Details

1. Belt type vacuum filter, configuration and energy saving vacuum pump, vacuum pump with water ring type, suction tank can be recycled, reduce the consumption of water.

2. A modular structure is designed with this equipment, allowing for flexible installation and convenient transport.

3. Other advantages of the  dewatering machine belt filter press include high filtration efficiency, strong handling capacity and good washing performan.

The precision ceramic vacuum filter, which integrates electromechanical, micro-porous ceramics and ultrasonic technology, is a new type of efficiency and energy-saving filtration equipment relying on vacuum suction and capillary action for solid-liquid separation.  It processes materials from -200 meshes to -450 meshes in fineness and a variety of ultra-fine materials.

High vacuum (vacuum degree 0.09-0.098 M Pa), low moisture of filter cake



( 1 ) Energy efficient : large capacity , energy-saving effect is obvious. Handling capacity > 1100kg/m2 h, electricity <0.5kWh/th, compared with the conventional disc filter outside the filter , over 80% energy saving .
( 2 ) Automatic control : Performance Series models using program control, automatic feeding, automatic cleaning , reduce labor intensity , can reduce the number of operations personnel .
( 3 ) improve the automatic protection features: automatic fault alarm system , fault -screen display, high and low level alarm display, and automatically exclude or shut down manually.
( 4) The structure of a solid , durable : The machine adopts computer optimization design, rational structure, reliable , maintenance-free design main transmission components , reducing downtime rate , tank mixing system made of stainless steel body structure to ensure its service life of up to 10 more years .
( 5 ) improve product quality, reduce transportation costs: Due concentrate low water filtration treatment can greatly improve the market competitiveness of products and reduce transportation costs during transport and loss.
( 6 ) environmental effect is obvious : Because of the clear filtrate , repeated use , reduce emissions and comply with environmental clean production of the current trend.



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