Moving Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter

Moving Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter

The SSPF smart row plate filter press is a fast opening and closing plate filter press which mainly consists of the electrical control system, hydraulic control system and the main engine. When the equipment is in operation, the mechanical transmission mechanism drives the hydraulic cylinder and...
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Product Details

It can continuously auto-complete feeding, filtering, washing, slag removal and filter cloth regeneration in high automation.

It can multi-levelly wash materials in advection or countercurrent, and the filtrate (mother liquid) and washing liquid can be collected in separate.

For materials with poor filterability and high viscosity, it can realize thin layer fast filtration, and it is in modular design, flexible combination and strong adaptability.

It adopts PLC control, facilitating remote control and centralized control.

It adopts serpentine correction, which solves the deviation and buckling of the filter cloth.