BFR Type Rubber Belt Filter

BFR Type Rubber Belt Filter

An endless filter cloth with a continuous movement serves as the filter medium. A rubber belt is used to support the filter medium. The rubber belt is provided with milled grooves for filtrate discharge; it runs on a roller conveyor and on wearing and sealing belts over a stationary vacuum box,...
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Product Details

Product Name
Polypropylene fiber horizontal vacuum belt  15P-85
This style can customized interception accuracy  5~120 μm !
white, customized other color
Diameter of Warp Yarns (mm) / Material
surface: 0.20/PP
interior: 0.35/PP

Diameter of Weft Yarns

(mm) / Material

surface: 0.20/PP
interior: 0.50/PP

Air Permeability at 127 Pa

550~650 L/m2.S

110~130 CFM

Air Permeability at 200 Pa


150~170 CFM

1.20 mm
Tensile strengths
900 N/cm

Elongation rate                    (warp direction)

Elongation rate (500kg/m)
0.82 % 
573 g/m2
Interception accuracy
85~100 μm
Using range/ application
It is mainly used in chemical industry (such as phosphoric acid filtration, yeast production, etc.).

The filter cake forms on top of the belt and can undergo further treatment by washing (co-current or counter-current), steaming, extraction or vacuum drying. The wash filtrates can be recovered individually from each process step and further processed without any cross-contamination. The belt filter discharges the filter cake at the discharge roller. The cloth is cleaned as the belt travels back.