Full Automatic Belt Vacuum Filter Machine

Full Automatic Belt Vacuum Filter Machine

Product Details

Basic Info

Filter of The Benlt: Natural Rubber

Design: Can According to Customer′s Need

Efficiency: High and Little Vacumm Leak

Product Description

DU rubber continuous vaumm belt filter


1)Easy installation and operation

2)High automation level

3)Both spot and remote control

4)High filtering efficiency


1. Modularized design is for easy installation and transportation. 

2. High auto degrees: Consecutive auto feeding, filtering, washing, dewatering, discharging, cloth cleaning improves production efficiency. 

3. Fast filter speed: Large particles will settle at the lower layer while small particles upper layer when material goes through sedimentation area. Reasonable structure of filter cake ensures low resistance of liquid for fast filter of thin layer. 

4. Convenient filter technology: Cake thickness, water vol., counter current decantation stages, vacuum degree, filter speed can be adjusted for optimistic effect. 

5. Fine decantation effect: Even and thorough multi-stage advection or counter current decantation makes collection and reuse of mother liquor and washing liquor separately. 

6. DSC for control system ensures site control and remote control automatically.

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