Laboratory Separation Vacuum Filtration System Filter

Laboratory Separation Vacuum Filtration System Filter

ZF series vacuum suction filter is a new type of filtration equipment based on the existing single-layer glass reactor. It is a new type of filtration equipment with high degree of automation. The products are widely used in: Thermoelectric, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, building materials,...
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Product Details

ZF series vacuum suction filter is a new type of filtration equipment based on the existing single-layer glass reactor. It is a new type of filtration equipment with high degree of automation. The products are widely used in: Thermoelectric, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, building materials, smelting, rubber, food and other fields. Vacuum belt filter press is a new type of filtration equipment with high degree of automation. Its products are widely used in: thermoelectric, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, building materials, smelting, rubber, food and other fields. ZF series vacuum suction filter has excellent performance and is highly praised by users such as Chinese Academy of Sciences experts and new drug research and development.

Product Feature:

? The suction filter bottle is made of GG17 borosilicate glass material and has excellent chemical and physical properties.
? Stainless steel Buchner funnel, excellent physical and chemical properties.
? Special PTFE material design mixing plug, perfect technology, corrosion resistance and high cost performance.
? The lower discharge part is specially designed with a special design of PTFE valve for the glass flange. The container has no dead angle and can be disassembled to facilitate the discharge of solid materials.
? The whole machine has perfect sealing performance, and the negative pressure can reach below 0.095MPa under static state.
? The structure of the whole machine is scientific and visual, with outstanding features and practical novelty. The frame is made of 304 stainless steel with casters for easy movement.

Product Parameters:
Glass materialGG-17
Frame materialStainless steel
Pipe material304stainless steel
Collection bottle volumeSphere 10LSphere 20LSphere 30LSphere 50L
Funnel size (mm*mm)350*220mm350*220mm450*250mm450*250mm
Funnel materialStainless steel
Distance between dumping opening and ground (mm)450
Filter opening¢80flange opening
Air exhaust device24#standard bucket valve
Exterior size(mm*mm*mm)490*490*1500490*490*1600490*490*1650490*490*1750
Packing size(mm*mm*mm)1600*540*540 1650*540*540 1700*540*540 1800*540*540