Main Spare Parts for Vacuum Belt Filter

Main Spare Parts for Vacuum Belt Filter

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Wear Belt:

Friction belt: it adopts SBR rubber, with four layers of EP200 polyester reinforcing layer, endless type, and the surface contacting with the slideway is EP400 polyester, which can effectively reduce the frictional resistance and prolong the service life. The main roles of the friction belt are to avoid the direct contact of the rubber belt with the vacuum slideway, to extend the service life of the rubber belt and simultaneously reduce the frictional force. The main structures are that: the surface contacting with the rubber belt is rubber layer, in order to increase the frictional force and ensure that the rubber belt and friction belt are in synchronous running

 Rubber pulleys

Each filter is equipped with a drive pulley and a driven pulley; the cylindrical surface and lateral surface are covered by SBR rubber. For the drive pulley, the rubber layer thickness is no less than 30 mm, while the thickness is 16 mm at the tip, with the hardness of 65 degrees. For the driven pulley, the rubber layer thickness is 25 mm. V-shaped grooves are carved on the rubber layer of the drive pulley, to drain the excess fluid and increase the adhesive force of the rubber layer. The service life is up to 100,000 hours. The design and manufacture of all rollers (including the rubber belt support roller, the filter cloth supporting, bend and tension rollers, the filter cloth press roller, and the cloth flattening roller) are of low bending stress, that is: the roller does not bend during load running; the bearings of all rollers adopt self-positioning double-seal ball bearings, and simultaneously the sealing effects are fully taken into account, the mother liquid is not allowed to enter the bearing body. The structure that the bearing body is placed externally and fixed on the framework is not recommended.


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