Rubber Belt Type Vacuum Filter

Rubber Belt Type Vacuum Filter

The structure of the belt type filter press is mainly composed of transmission device, liquid mix agitator, feeding distributor, gravity dehydration device, prepress-dewatering porous roller, high pressure dewatering roller, alignment extrusion roller, tensioning device, frame, deviation...
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The structure of the belt type filter press is mainly composed of transmission device, liquid mix agitator, feeding distributor, gravity dehydration device, prepress-dewatering porous roller, high pressure dewatering roller, alignment extrusion roller, tensioning device, frame, deviation correcting device, pneumatic device, filter net, cleaning device, discharging device, bearing and pedestal, filtrate collecting device, protective device and centralized electric control cabinet.

  1. Transmission device

The transmission device consists of the transmission shaft, sealed bearing with seat and cycloidal needle wheel type reducer. The outer surface of the transmission shaft is coated with high-quality natural rubber, to increase the friction coefficient of the transmission. The rotation rate of the motor is controlled by frequency converter to ensure the filter belts run stably and speed is adjustable.

2,Liquid mix agitator
This machine uses a non blocking static mixer to mix sludge and chemical liquid (Material which is not easy to be flocculated will be treated by stirring dynamic mixer). The machine is installed in front of the sludge distributing flume, and the flocculants come from surrounding into the sludge tube by high pressure injection and then arrival to the mixed reactor. The sludge particles can collide with diluted polyelectrolyte solution quickly, and the best flocculation effect and dewatering effect can be achieved by adjusting the flow rate of sludge and chemical liquid.

3,Feeding distributor
After passing through the flocculating mixer, the sludge enters the feed distributor. The materials are distributed evenly on the gravity condensed section by flow guiding, overflow plate, leveling plate and the side baffle. In order to improve the gravity dewatering effect of sludge, a number of water diversion rake teeth are set above the gravity dewatering area, and the free water from the upper part of the accumulated sludge is introduced into the filter net and seep out.

4,Tensioning device
The function of the tensioning device is to tensioning the upper and lower filter bands, drive all the sticks to run through the main live roller, and dehydrate the filter cake with a certain extrusion pressure and shear force. This machine uses bounce cylinder to tensioning. The tension force is controlled by regulating the air pressure.

This frame is made of high quality national standard square pipe, forming through integral solid welding. The surface is treated with Sa2.5 grade sand blasting and rust cleaning. After further process refer to heavy anti-corrosion treatment of fluorocarbon paint or hot spray zinc treatment, its corrosion resistance can reach more than 10 years.

6,Gravity dehydration device
The main function of the gravity dewatering device is to remove free water and interstitial water from the material, reduce the fluidity of the material and prepare for the next step pressure filtration. Its structure contains independent filter net gravity dehydration (that is, concentrator), and then the gravity dehydration of upper and lower pressure filter nets, through a 6-11 meter long gravity dehydration, a large number of free water in sludge is fully removed by filtration. At this time, the sludge can withstand larger extrusion pressure.

7,Prepress-dewatering porous roller
Prepress-dewatering porous roller is that many holes uniformly distributed on the surface of the roller. It is the maximum dehydration roller that the filter water can be expelled both inside and outside. After the sludge was extruded, the filter cake was initially formed.

8,High pressure dewatering roller
High pressure dewatering roller is made up of several rollers of different diameters. The surface of the roller is coated with high quality natural rubber or PE. Two filter belts are winding between the rollers in a vertical S shape. The diameter of the roller is gradually reduced to form a certain pressure increase, so that the pressure on material increases gradually, a dry filter cake is initially formed through the effect of extrusion pressure and shear force.

9,Alignment extrusion roller
The filter cake after high pressure dewatering is still not ideal. In order to achieve the maximum solid-liquid separation, it is necessary to extrude through high-strength pinch rolls. Each group of pinch rolls is divided into a fix roll and a moving roll with airbag pressure. The outer surface of the moving roll is coated with high quality natural rubber with lower hardness in order to soft contact with the sludge extrusion; adjust the appropriate pressure to ensure the sludge passing and fully dehydration.

10,Deviation correcting device
The automatic deviation correcting device is mainly made up of gas cylinder, solenoid valve and proximity switch. The device can realize automatic tracking correction. The characteristics are sensitive, reliable and long service life. The running position of the filter belts keep stable and centering. The general deviation error is not more than 15mm.

11,Pneumatic device
The pneumatic device controls the tension and deviation of the filter belt and the pressure adjustment and operation of the clamping roller. The pneumatic control component is sensitive, reliable and durable.

12,Filter net
The pressure filter net is woven from polyester wire. It is divided into interface with port and non port interface. Choose different filter net according to the characteristics of sludge. High quality filter nets are adopted with the features of high strength, good permeability, difficult to block, smooth surface, high solid recovery rate, easy to clean and easy to disassemble and assemble.