Sludge Dewatering Belt Filter Press

Sludge Dewatering Belt Filter Press

Rubber belt type vacuum filter takes filter cloth as filter medium, adopt material gravity and vacuum suction to separate solid and liquid materials. It is adopted ring rubber belt as a vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber continuously running by motor, filter cloth are layup to the rubber belt...
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Rubber belt type vacuum filter takes filter cloth as filter medium, adopt material gravity and vacuum suction to separate solid and liquid materials. It is adopted ring rubber belt as a vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber continuously running by motor, filter cloth are layup to the rubber belt and running along with the belt, the rubber belt with friction belt create a water-tight seal. Slurry are distributed on filter cloth by distributing device When the vacuum chamber is switched on vacuum system, it will create a vacuum area on rubber belt, Filtrate liquor pass through filter cloth by horizontal grooves on rubber belt, then get together and go into the vacuum chamber by micro pore, Solid powder are holding on filter cloth, then create a filter cake. The liquid which have got into vacuum chamber be discharged by steam-water separator. Move along with the rubber belt, preformed filter cake get into washing section and suck dry section. Finale filter cloth and rubber belt are divided, the filter cake is discharged from discharging roller. The filter cloth which discharge filter cake are washed, then can be re-used, re-access to filtrate area by a set of supportive rollers and rectify device, begging a new cycle.

1. Modularized design: easy installation and transportation.
2. High auto degrees: Consecutive auto feeding, filtering, washing, dewatering, discharging, cloth cleaning improves production efficiency.
3. Convenient filter technology: cake thickness, water washing, counter current decantation stages, vacuum degree, filter speed can be adjusted for optimistic effect.
4. Fine decantation effect: even and thorough multi-stage advection or counter current decantation makes collection and reuse of mother liquor and washing liquor separately.
5. Operation:continuous, and fully automatic operation, filtration speed with frequency control.
6. Control system: PLC program fully automatic-controlled system , DCS remote interface to realize remote monitoring and operation 
7. The frame: made of high quality seamless square steel pipe (10#-12#) with sandblast and high strength fluorin-carbon finish, makes anticorrosive ability keep more than 8 years.
8. Rubber belt: supported by air cushion or water to reduce the resistance and is good to prolong service life of the rubber belt.
9. High quality bearing: with full airproof bearing seat, available to run more than 3 years.
10. Extrusion and transmission rollers: made of seamless steel pipe with anti-wearing rubber outside, valid to work more than 5 years.
11. The main body are made of stainless steel (304), including vacuum box, fender, flume, waterproof cover, muzzle and sheets, etc.

Application industry:
1. Chemical industry: alcohol, calcium carbonate, sodium sulfide, potassium chlorate, synthetic resin, all kinds of monomer, active carbon, aluminum hydroxide, chromate, plastic, rubber industry additives, fungicide, ferric oxide, lead oxide, coating, dye and its intermediates, molecular sieve, catalyst, etc.
2. Fertilizer: slurry after calcium carbonate, phosphogypsum, nitrate of lime, calcium sulfate(NPK)and saltpetre phosphorus mothods.
3. Foods: calcium citrate, citric acid (in calcium sulfate), lactose, protein (potatoes), vegetable oil, cane sugar, calcium oxalate, bleaching earth oil, etc.
4. Medical: antibiotics, ammonium chloride, fluoride soda, enzymes, aperient, penicillin salt,  sedative, vitamin, etc.
5. Mining metallurgy:ilmenite, uranium decomposer,aluminium ore extraction, rare earth mineral lixiviate and extraction, aluminum hydroxide, alumina, rutile, carnallite,sylvite, copper slag, metal floatation concentrate, gold concentrate, red mud, gold precipitate, coal mud(coaly floatation and fines), etc.
6. Paper: paper-making effluent, industry waste water, filter paper pulp, etc.
7. Environmental protection: industrial wastewater, sewage mud.

Experimental data for reference:
Materials NameLiquid to solid RatioWater Content of Filter %Production Efficiency Kg/m3/hMaterials NameLiquid to solid RatioWater Content of Filter%Production Efficiency Kg/m3/h
Citric Acid5/1-3/11525.8Miscible liquids of sodium hydroxide and CUS4/119.6416
Zinc Oxide10/151.275.9ABS resin10/136-38170-232
Mining slurry soaked by Mno reductico acid3.145.0688.46Calcium Phosphate Ore Magma3.5/121.5345
Ferromagnet2.5/1-4/17.6500-1000Soluble Phosphor Fertilizer2/1-5/17-101000-2000
Sulphur mine4/1-2.5/111.63360-800Vitriol dirt1.5/137-40665-780
Copper mine4/1-2.5/112400-600Aluminous rocks5/1-4/126.4-291700
Mine remaining part9/1-4/121.4300-500Caustic mud4/147-51266-613
Iron-stone2/1-1.5/18-102000-3000Residue silicon of aluminium sulphate1.5/137200
Manganite2/115-17800-1000Fermentated liquid of gentamicin1/1-2/133.178.5
Aluminium Hydroxide4/115-17350Coarse zinc oxide4/123.5233
Fluorite power2/111800Fluoride-bearing calcium lime4/1-5/142-51200-560
Caustic mud4/147-51266-613Ammonium Salt4/118-201000-1500
Vanadium Oxide
3/133174Sodium silicofluoride3/115-20300-500
Coal ash10/120.74.9m3/m3/hWet cement2/116-20787
Gold mine2/125-27111Fine coal of coal dressing4/122.4218
Sub-ammonium tungstate2/171200Tail coal of coal dressing6/125100
Organic nitrous dye-stuff30/1-20/169100Zinc Sulfate Ore Magma5/145-50312
4A zeolite80-100 g/L43164Agate seed200-400 g/L20684
Finished agate260-600 g/L15125Silica residue4.535342
Baeyer aluminium hydroxide seed400-800g/L152000Desulfuration Gypsum1/110800-1000