Vacuum Belt Filter Press for Agar

Vacuum Belt Filter Press for Agar

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Vacuum Belt Filter Press for Agar

DU rubber vacuum belt filter press is the equipment which take advantage of vacuum pressure to achieve solid-liquid separation. On the aspect of structure, its filter section along the direction of horizontal length, can achieve operation of filtering, washing, drying, filter fabric regeneration, etc. This equipment has the advantage of highly automatic, large capacity, good washing effect, low moisture content of cake, simple operation, easy to be maintained, etc. It's the ideal equipment for mining industry.


1 Vacuum sealing:  vacuum belt filter press is equipped a fixed vacuum box, the rubber belt moves on the vacuum box, the water can be functioned as the lubricant as well as coolant, thus creating a good vacuum condition.

 2 Long service life of rubber belt:  in respect of support, this machine equipped with rollers, thus reducing the friction and extending the belt's service life.

 3 Easy to be installed and maintained:  the machine adopts modularized structure which can be dismantled easily.

 4 High efficiency:  the machine achieves continuous filtration, materials are kept in vacuum condition in the whole procession.

Working principle:

Vacuum belt filter press use filter cloth as medium. It takes advantage of gravity and vacuum section to achieve solid-liquid separation. It adopts ring shaped rubber belt as vacuum vessel. The ring shaped belt moves under the power of motor, and the filter cloth which wrapped on the belt also moves along it. The slurry is distributed uniformly on the filter cloth by the distributing device. Vacuum section will be formed on the rubber belt when the vacuum system begins to work. And liquid pass through the filter cloth under the power of subatmospheric pressure and gravity; solid material are stopped and forms cakes on the cloth. The liquid will be collected by the row liquid separator and can be reused. Cake will be discharged when the filter cloth separates from the rubber belt.

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