Vacuum Filter Wash

Vacuum Filter Wash

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a new type of ultrasonic cleaning equipment developed by our company.
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Introduction: Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a new type of ultrasonic cleaning equipment developed by our company. It has the advantages of high efficiency, stable performance, simple and convenient operation, good cleaning effect and fast cleaning speed. The power supply is controlled by IGBT integrated circuit. The whole circuit has the functions of frequency, power adjustable, overheating and overload protection. Because of the above unique performance, the cleaning machine has been widely used in lamps, electroplating, chemical fiber, machinery, musical instruments, clocks and watches, optics, medical devices, aerospace, automotive parts, bearing parts, metals, electric power, metal fittings, drawing pipe fittings, solar photovoltaic and other industries, especially for deep holes, blind holes in the work. Cleaning effect is obvious, the basic principle of this ultrasonic cleaning machine is 25,000 times per second vibration, cavitation in the liquid, this cavitation effect is due to the liquid under the action of ultrasonic, cavitation bubble, cavitation bubble burst when a huge impact, when the cleaned workpiece by the impact of this force When the oil stains adhered to the surface of the workpiece are peeled off, so as to achieve the cleaning purpose, especially for the workpiece with various small holes, blind holes and inconvenient to open, the cleaning effect is more obvious.

1. Ultrasonic generator: Our company adopts the ninth generation IGBT integrated circuit control, with automatic overheating protection, automatic frequency sweep, power frequency adjustable and so on. Main power components - modules used by German Simon Kang or Fuji Japan, the equipment has long service life, low failure rate, suitable for long-term, intermittent work requirements.

2. Ultrasonic vibration box: the vibration box of ultrasonic cleaning machine is made by bending and welding the stainless steel plate of sus304, and the ultrasonic radiation surface is plated with about 3 wires of hard chromium, which effectively increases the service life of the vibration box. The piezoelectric ceramic chips of transducers are imported from Germany and assembled by six military industries. The transducer adopts sandwich screws and unique bonding technology to ensure that the transducer will never fall off.