Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Separator

Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Separator

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DDCY-Q series vacuum pressure solenoid valve, which is installed on a dedicated mechanical vacuum pump. Installed in the mechanical vacuum pump inlet, and synchronize the opening and closing of the pump.


When the pump stops working or power supply is suddenly interrupted, the valve can rely on the force of atmospheric pressure and vacuum valve plate closes automatically closed vacuum system to maintain its vacuum, and the air filled through the orifice valve into the pump chamber in order to avoid contamination of the vacuum pump oil countercurrent system.



Vacuum bellows for connection between the device and piping, pipe and tubing. It plays damping, disinfection and compensation due to the vacuum bellows unique features, it is widely used in industrial fields of scientific research, aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, electrical, vacuum processing.


NOTE:Vacuum Bellows be devided to loose flanges and without loose flange, the size, length and waveforms can also be customized according to customer's requirements.   


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