Characteristics of vacuum belt filter

- Mar 21, 2020-

1. High degree of automation; Blanking, filtration, washing, slagging, cloth cleaning are continuous automation, improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs, greatly reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment.

2. Fast filtration speed; Material through the precipitation area, large particles in the bottom layer, small particles in the upper layer, reasonable structure of the filter cake, filtrate permeability resistance is small, can be carried out thin layer rapid filtration.

3. Convenient filtration process; Filter cake thickness. Washing water. Reverse washing grade. True void. Press cloth speed can be adjusted arbitrarily to achieve the best filtering effect. 4: good washing effect; Multistage advection or countercurrent washing can be realized, washing evenly and thoroughly. Mother liquor and washing liquor can be collected and reused separately according to the needs of the process.