Development of vacuum filter in China

- May 05, 2018-

With the continuous development of various construction work in our country, the application of vacuum filter is more and more frequent and is widely used in various fields. Because of the different industry, the work flow of vacuum filter is not exactly the same. In this paper, several types of filter are listed for different use of vacuum filter, and the work flow is introduced to make people have a deeper understanding of it. So far, vacuum filter is the most widely used and the best performance filter equipment. It is widely used in various industrial production processes such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and so on. With the wider application range, more and more types of filter are used. People can not break the filter to make it meet the use. Requirement。

Vacuum filter is a mechanical equipment which is based on the negative pressure formed at the outlet of filtrate, and then realizes solid-liquid separation. Filtration technology has a long history in our country. The earliest filtration is gravity filtration. With the development of technology, the method has become diversified. The emergence of vacuum filtration technology makes filtration operation continuous, improves the efficiency and quality of the equipment, and is gradually changing the development of various industries.

The vacuum filter can be divided into two types: continuous operation and intermittent operation. The two are all the negative pressure formed at the outlet of the filtrate as the driving force, but the application is different. The filter with continuous operation is mainly used to filter the thick suspension containing solid particles, and the filter is operated intermittently. The application scope is more extensive and suitable for various concentrations of suspensions.