Dewatering process of belt filter

- May 05, 2018-

The belt filter is made by using two filter cloth with strong permeability to roll in a group of pressurized pumping, so that the sludge entering the equipment will be dried by pressure in the middle of the filter cloth. The most important function of the belt filter is dehydration. The dehydration process of different equipment is different, but the principle is similar.

Before dehydration, the pre dehydration process is very important, which can improve the solid concentration of sludge and improve the efficiency of dehydration. In general, two roller predehydrating machines are used for pre dewatering, and the sludge particles mixed with flocculants in the predehydrator are left in the machine. The water is out of the machine through the filter cloth. After the sludge is accumulated to a certain amount, the filter is dropped from the outlet of the predehydrator to the belt filter.

The first process of sewage sludge inlet filter after predehydration is gravity drainage, which is to improve the solid content of the sludge and prepare for the next working procedure. After gravity drainage, the sludge was dried again and distributed evenly on the filter cloth, and gradually began to pressurize. The thickness of the sludge on the cloth will depend on the nature of the sludge and the speed of adjusting the filter cloth.