Pelleting and dewatering

- Dec 11, 2019-

Water granulation dehydrator is a new equipment developed. Its main body is a horizontal cylinder made of steel plate, which is divided into granulating part, dewatering part and pressing part, slowly rotating around the horizontal axis. The sludge after adding the high molecular coagulant enters the granulation part first. Under the action of the gravity of the sludge itself, the sludge is flocculated and compressed, and rolled into clay balls in layers. Then the clay balls and water enter the dehydration part, and the water is discharged from the oblique seam of circumferential drainage. At last, the clay ball enters the compacted part, and further compresses and dehydrates under its own weight to form a thick clay ball and push out the barrel. Granulator simple structure, not easy to wear, less power consumption, easy maintenance. The moisture content of mud balls is generally about 70 percent.

The filtrate produced in the process of sludge dewatering in the sewage plant contains high concentration of pollutants except the filtrate in the dry bed. So the filtrate must be treated, usually with incoming wastewater.