Selection method of filter

- May 05, 2018-

With the development of the times, the quality of our life is also improving rapidly. Because of the high quality requirements of the belt vacuum filter, the producers also have higher requirements for the equipment. The separation equipment was born one after another. In particular, the application of filter has been more and more extensive, and the technology is more advanced, but due to the wide variety of filters. For example, vibrating slag filter, plate filter, cardboard filter, bag filter, column filter, centrifugal filter, vacuum filter, etc. cause many users to choose the filter problem, very confused.

First of all, the choice of filter should consider the factors of filtration.

The factors affecting the filter selection are: the temperature and viscosity, physical and chemical properties of the filter under the filter state of the material, the unit time treatment, the moisture content of the filter cake, the solid content in the filtrate, the washing degree of the filter cake and so on.

Comparative advantages of vibrating slag filter and plate frame filter press:

1, mechanical slag removal; 2, stainless steel filter plate; 3., small footprint; 4, good airtight, energy saving and environmental protection.

The use conditions of the vibrating slag discharge filter:

1, slag content of <5%; if 10%-20% is recommended between the use of a larger vacuum belt dehydrator type generally in the GLJ-40---80 type.

2, liquid flow: viscosity <80;

3, working environment: first, the temperature is generally the best at 80-150 degrees Celsius. Two is corrosiveness, acid alkali corrosion requires a high number of filter plate with 316L stainless steel; solvent oil corrosion of its seal material requirements to higher, generally used polytetrafluoroethylene.

4, the nature of slag: mainly the specific gravity and particle size, to select the accuracy of filter plate.

The bag filter is generally the auxiliary equipment of the vibrating slag filter or the plate and frame filter, and further guarantees the accuracy of its filtration accuracy. Also for low viscosity, solid content does not exceed 0.01 per thousand. Popular also is called the protection of the filter.

Cardboard and columnar filter are mainly aimed at high precision and ultra-fine removal of trace slag.

The auxiliary parts of the vibration slag filter are gear pumps, air pumps, pneumatic butterfly valves, etc. The type of gear pump directly affects the flow rate of filtration. The pressure of the air pump controls the wet and dry thickness of the filter cake and the portability of the slag discharge. Pneumatic butterfly valve is mainly pneumatic switch, airtight, unloading function.

The purification of filter cake can be repeatedly washed and pressurized.

The two parallel units of vibrating slag filter can realize continuous operation or PLC control system. This is important for the selection of filter.