The working principle of the filter

- Mar 11, 2020-

The working principle of the automatic slag discharge filter: the filter pump pumps the filtrate to the tank through the liquid inlet pipe and fills it. Under the effect of pressure, the solid impurities in the filtrate are trapped by the filter on the filtrate, and a filter is formed on the filter. Cake, the filtrate passed through the filter through the filter nozzle into the liquid outlet pipe out of the tank, so as to obtain a clear filtrate. This increases the filtration resistance and the pressure in the tank. When the pressure rises to a certain value, it is necessary to discharge the slag. Stop inputting the filtrate to the irrigation and blow the compressed air into the tank through the overflow pipe. Into another filter or other container and blow dry the filter cake. Close the compressed air, open the butterfly valve, start the vibrator, make the filter leaf vibrate, shake off the filter cake on the filter screen and discharge through the slag discharge port under the tank.