What are the reasons for the misalignment and wrinkle of filter cloth in vacuum belt filter?

- May 05, 2018-

With the rapid development of the economy, the vacuum belt filter has been used in all walks of life, but in the process of use, we will find that the filter cloth of the vacuum belt filter sometimes misplaces and folds. What is the cause of it?

Dislocation and wrinkling may also be caused by misalignment of the coiling wheel or other rollers. This kind of dislocation form is shown as the diagonal deflection of the filter cloth zipper because the outer edge distance of each side of the filter cloth is uneven, which leads to the edge of the filter cloth around the filter in the direction of the filter, so the distance of the leading side is shorter. This phenomenon is corrected by reducing the tension of the trailing side of the filter cloth by adding a balance block on the sliding adjustment block of the tensioner wheel and shortening the distance of the trailing side of the filter cloth. This problem may also be caused by misalignment of filter cloth supporting rollers, and check whether all filter cloth supporting rollers are aligned with the frame.

Sometimes deposition of solids on filter rolls or sliding adjustment blocks will result in misplacement and wrinkling of filter cloth. When this happens, stop the filter and thoroughly clean the rollers and slide adjustment blocks. Start the drive, readjust the filter cloth and tighten the neutralization. Then carefully observe the accumulation of solids in the normal operation of the filter. If necessary, increase the amount of rinse water to wash out the residual solids.

Usually, the wrinkling of the filter cloth is usually caused by the incorrect filter cloth pair, but some dislocation can not be corrected by the roll only. In any such adjustment, the filter should be kept in the filter and can not be wrinkled for at least half an hour.