What is the primary effect of the rubber belt filter

- May 05, 2018-

The rubber belt filter is a kind of solid liquid filtering equipment. The filtering effect is the center of the belt type vacuum filter. In the filter chamber, what is the filter chamber made of? It is made up of a piece of filter plate under the strong pressure. It can be seen what the filter plate is to the rubber belt filter equipment. First of all, so today we will introduce the primary effect of rubber belt filter plate in the equipment.

First of all, the filter board is to build the filter structure of the equipment. Before we know the rubber belt filter Road, the most direct performance of the filter plate is the formation of the filter chamber structure of the equipment, the filter cloth vacuum belt dehydrator depends on the filter plate, and each filter plate is basically able to rely on two filter cloth to combine the filter plates together so that the filter cloth can be contacted with the filtrate. And then complete the solid-liquid separation effect of the device. Therefore, the primary effect of filter plate is to build a filter environment for the equipment, and build the primary location of the filtration room of the equipment.

The second is the storage effect of the filter cake. As we all know, the filter board knows that the filter plate is not flat, but it has a downward depression of 4~5cm. There are many blind spots at the bottom. This posture is intended to be planned, and the effect is that when the filter plates are closed together, the central empty space is stored for the solid particles (also filter cakes) that are obstructed by the filter cloth. Unload the filter plate and remove the filter cake.

After all, it is the effect of delivering effect. The equipment would have to exert pressure on the filter in a filter plate close to the push plate. In order to make every filter in the filter room be subjected to the effect of this pressure, the filter is required to pass through the filter plate, which is first to effect all the filter plates, then through the filter plate and the filtrate, and then again. Pass the effect on the filtrate, after all, finish and accelerate the separation of the liquid.