Factors Affecting Filter Filter

- May 05, 2018-

Filter operation is a detailed operation. The efficiency and function of the filter have a great relationship with the filter and its preparation before operation. The filter also plays a major role in many industrial production. It can be used to remove particles or suspended particles, and to filter many needs. Material is purified.

There are many factors that affect the filtration of filter. In order to obtain good filtration effect of rubber belt filter, the lower flow rate is usually selected. The slower the flow is, the better the interception function will be, and the more clear the filter will be. Also, in the filtration process, do not change the structure of the filter membrane. Practice has proved that the movement of filter membrane structure is bad for filtering. Once the structure of the filter changes, the particles and fibers will be separated from the filter.

The particle type of the filter is also related to the filtering effect of the filter, which has a definite effect on the vacuum belt dehydrator. Usually, filter particles are divided into two types: deformable and non deforming. Deformable particles in the filtration process will be affected by pressure, blocking the filter mesh, affecting the filtering effect.

Filter membrane selection is also the main point, the same pore size of the filter membrane, disproportionate raw material products filtering effect is also different, consumers in the purchase must be important to take care of this question. It is necessary to select manufacturers of filter equipment steadily. The specifications of different manufacturers are divergent. The filter membrane produced by different manufacturers should be highly valued.