Filter, Vacuum Or Not Vacuum, The Difference Is Very Big!

- Sep 21, 2019-

Rubber vacuum belt filter is made of up and down two tension net belt with flocculation good mud, from a series of regularly arranged roller by relying on the tension of mesh belt itself form a crushing and shearing force of the mud layer, capillary water squeezed out of the mud, and then through the gravity dehydration, S strong squeezing area, gravity dehydration, obtain higher solid content of mud cake, so as to realize mud dehydration.

The operating principles of rotary drum vacuum filter, inner surface rotary drum vacuum filter, disc vacuum filter and rotary bucket vacuum filter are similar. The whole filtration surface is divided into several separate filtration rooms, and each rotary filtration room is connected with each fixed pipe through the distribution valve, so as to suck out filtrate and lotion in the filtration room, or send compressed air. Each filtration chamber completes the whole process of filtration operation by rotating one circle, and the operation of multiple filtration Chambers is connected to constitute continuous filtration. The structure of the belt type vacuum filter is similar to that of the belt type conveyor. Belt vacuum filter, inner filter surface drum vacuum filter and tip bucket vacuum filter are all feeding on the upper part of the filter medium (press cloth), especially suitable for suspension with large solid particle density and fast settling.

Belt type filter, also known as belt type press filter, belt type filter is by two endless filter belt wound on a series of sequential arrangement, the size of the roller, using the squeeze and shear between the filter belt to remove water in slurry filter equipment. It has the advantages of simple structure, high dewatering efficiency, large processing capacity, low energy consumption, low noise, high degree of automation, continuous operation, easy to maintain and so on. Its cost and operating cost are more than 30% lower than the plate and frame filter press, so it has become the preferred equipment for urban sewage treatment.

The advantages of the belt filter are: the filtration direction and sedimentation direction are the same; Simple construction; The washing liquid and filtrate were separated well and the filter cake was dehydrated well. The filter cake can be removed thoroughly to handle the difficult to filter pulp. The disadvantages are: the filter area is not large, the press cloth can not be fully used; Large floor area; Rubber belt is easy to wear; Not suitable for filtration of substances containing chemical reactions to rubber.