Filtering Method Of Vacuum Filter

- May 05, 2018-

Vacuum filter is a device to complete solid-liquid separation with vacuum pressure as propelling force. On the structure, the filter section is arranged along the horizontal direction, and the filter, wash, dry and filter cloth regenerate can be completed continuously. The rubber belt filter has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, great consumption ability, good cleaning effect, low moisture content of filter cake, flexible operation and low maintenance cost. Rubber belt filter can be widely used in metallurgical, mine, chemical, paper, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other areas, especially in the flue gas desulfurization of gypsum dehydration (FGD) has a good application.

The application of vacuum filter can be divided into three kinds: the deep filter, the filtration of the slag layer and the sieve filter. The advantages of the filter are different because of the different filtering methods. First of all: deep filtration, the vacuum filter in the use of this filtering mode, the relative filtration medium will be relatively thick, and the suspension contains a lot of solid particles will be less, the vacuum filter in the process of suspension filtration, solid particles will be directly adsorbed inside the channel, and eventually will be effective. Filtrate filtration is a common filter used in the porous plastic screen. Second, the power of the slag layer is mainly based on the size of the particulate solids that are intercepted. When the small particles are suspended through the filtrate, these small particles will form a filter cake, but the particles will be suspended and intercepted directly, which effectively ensures the cleanliness of the filtrate, and is often used in the plate. Frame type filter press.

Finally: screen filtration, the last method of filtering, in comparison with the two filtering methods mentioned above, in fact, there is no special central, and in the industrial consumption process, the more common should be the rotary filter filter filter, can effectively remove some impurities in the sewage removal.