High Efficiency Equipment For Solid - Liquid Separation -- Fixed Belt Vacuum Filter

- Sep 22, 2019-

Stationary belt vacuum filter, also known as rubber belt vacuum filter, is a new, efficient, continuous operation of solid-liquid separation equipment. Rubber belt vacuum filter (hereinafter referred to as belt filter) adopts a fixed vacuum box, the rubber belt moves on the vacuum box, and the structure of moving seal between the vacuum box and the rubber belt is formed. Continuous operation and continuous filtration are realized in the real sense, thus the filtration efficiency is improved and the energy consumption is reduced

The belt filter consists of rubber belt, press cloth, vacuum box, drive roller, belt supporting platform, feeding hopper, press cloth deflecting device, drive device, press cloth washing device, rack and other components. It is an efficient equipment for separating solid liquid by making full use of material gravity and vacuum suction. The ring belt is driven by the motor through deceleration and runs continuously. The press cloth is spread on the belt and runs synchronously. Sliding contact between the rubber belt and the vacuum chamber (there is an annular friction belt between the vacuum chamber and the rubber belt and water is introduced to form a water seal). When the vacuum chamber is connected with the vacuum system, a vacuum filtration zone is formed on the rubber belt. The slurry is evenly distributed on the press cloth by the cloth feeder. Under the action of vacuum, the filtrate is collected through the transverse groove on the filter cloth and then enters the vacuum chamber through the hole. The solid particles are trapped and formed into filter cake. The liquid entering the vacuum is discharged by the gas-water separator. With the movement of rubber belt, the formed filter cake enters the filter cake washing area and the drying area successively. Finally, the press cloth is separated from the tape and the filter cake is unloaded at the filter cake unloading roller. The press cloth which removes the filter cake is recycled after cleaning. After passing through a set of supporting roller and rectifying device, the filter area is re-entered.

2. Structural features:

(1) the circular tape adopts the structure of bonding between the wavy skirt edge and the flat tape with good scalability, with low cost and long life, and the skirt edge can be replaced.

(2) there is a ring friction belt between the real empty box and the rubber belt, which is sealed, lubricated and cooled by water. The vacuum seal is reliable. The ring friction belt has low friction resistance, long service life, convenient and fast replacement.

(3) the rubber belt is supported by air cushion or water film. The rubber belt floats on the air cushion or water film, which reduces the running resistance and is conducive to extending the service life of the rubber belt.

(4) the belt supports the press cloth, withstands vacuum suction, power transfer and weight, and slides on the real empty box, the press cloth does not contact with the real empty box, the service life of the press cloth will be extended.

(5) realize continuous operation, continuous filtration, washing and other operations, can maintain a stable vacuum degree, reduce the water content of filter cake and is conducive to stable operation conditions.

(6) less damage, low failure rate, long-term continuous, stable and reliable operation, large handling capacity.

3. Main components:

(1) rubber filter belt: ring rubber filter belt with skirt edge is adopted to prevent material liquid from flowing out from both sides; The skirt edge adopts the combination structure, that is, the waveform skirt edge is bonded with the parallel tape. This kind of structure has good scalability, which can avoid the bending crack of skirt through roller, and can effectively prevent slurry leakage. The superstructure of the rubber filter belt is a middle row of water grooves as a drainage belt. There is a drainage groove in the middle of the groove. The rubber filter belt is the key part of the belt filter. Its life span generally depends on the choice of rubber material and site maintenance. The flat tape must be installed in the field installation to make it run normally before the corrugated skirt edge is bonded.

(2) vacuum box: the vacuum box is the collection place of filtrate on the bottom surface of the drainage tape. The center line should coincide with the center line of the drainage belt and the center hole. The section of the vacuum box is v-shaped, and the material is made of corrosion-resistant material. When the filter is in operation, the vacuum box is fixed. The rubber belt runs on it. The vacuum box is connected into a whole by sections. Each section has a nozzle connected with the liquid collecting main pipe to form a vacuum liquid collecting system. An annular friction belt is designed between the real empty box and the running tape. Water is used for sealing (the friction belt runs along with the tape on the friction block on the vacuum box). Water can be used as both lubricant of the sealing device and coolant to form a very effective vacuum seal. The ring friction belt moves with the tape so that the horizontal tape does not suffer from friction. Although the annular friction belt is lubricated by water, it still wears on the slider. It needs to be replaced after a certain period of time. In order to facilitate the replacement of the friction belt, the annular friction belt is designed as a replaceable structure. The vacuum box is in a low position when it is replaced, which is conducive to the convenient and quick replacement of the friction belt.

(3) feeding device; (4) washing device; (5) drive device; (6) cleaning device;

(7) automatic rectifying device: it is composed of rectifying roller, rectifying cylinder (double piston rod cylinder), two-position five-way electronic control slide valve and induction switch. Its function is to correct the deviation of the press cloth. Its principle is to correct the deviation of the press cloth by changing the Angle of the rectifying roller.

(8) press cloth;

(9) vacuum generating device and other accessories.

4. Maintenance and repair

(1) press cloth and adjusting device: check the press cloth for deviation and crease every 2-3 hours. Make sure the press cloth is slack during shutdown. Check if the press cloth is damaged. Check the press roller regularly so that the roller can rotate flexibly on the bearing.

(2) rubber belt and adjusting device: check the usage of rubber belt and check the tensioning degree of driven roller to obtain appropriate tensioning force. Check the operation of tape 2-3 times per shift. Check the wear of the tape weekly, and clean up the media debris accumulated between the tape and the driving roller, driven roller or empty box monthly.

(3) vacuum and pipeline: check whether the connection of vacuum pipe line leaks; Check the cleaning condition of the cleaning line regularly. If the nozzle is blocked, remove the nozzle for cleaning.

(4) drive device: check all lubrication conditions, including drive device, rubber belt lubrication sealing water, bearing housing, etc. Do not start the filter until lubrication is done and belt tensioning is adjusted.

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