Introduction Of Vacuum Filter Maintenance

- May 05, 2018-

In the process of using any mechanical equipment, maintenance is necessary, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The vacuum filter will require special operation and maintenance when it is used everyday. After purchasing the equipment, the manufacturer will also carry out professional training.

The vacuum filter is mainly in contact with the liquid, so there will be many unfiltered liquids or solids at work, which will affect the performance of the equipment if the residue is not cleaned in time. Therefore, after the use of equipment, the first time is to clean up the internal residues, prevent residues from chemical reaction, and affect the service life of the equipment.

In the operation of mechanical equipment, many lubricants and hydraulic oil are needed to assist in the operation. When these stocks are not enough, the machinery will have the problem of wear and tear and affect the service life. Moreover, when there is a lack of lubricating oil in the equipment, it is easy to have chemical reaction inside, which will affect the subsequent use effect.

When the production is stopped, the time for equipment to be stopped should also be noted to avoid prolonged parking. The equipment will rust if it does not start regularly. Therefore, it is necessary to start the equipment from time to time, not only to help the quality assurance of the equipment, but also to troubleshoot the problem in time.