Layout Structure Of Vacuum Belt Filter

- May 05, 2018-

With the rapid development of the economy, vacuum belt filter has been used in all walks of life. The vacuum belt dehydrator is not enough. Vacuum belt filter is widely used in all walks of life, and it has been widely used. Today, we discuss the vacuum with us in detail. The layout features of the belt filter can be divided into three aspects.

1. the machine is used in the air cushion support and water film support two methods, rubber belt filter sludge dewatering equipment tape is floating on the air cushion or the liquid film, which can help reduce the friction resistance of the belt work and advance work efficiency. The filter media of this machine is a filter cloth. He can operate continuously in a closed filter chamber. The slurry is evenly distributed on the filter cloth by the distributor and then reaches a filter effect.

2. from the perspective of overall planning, the filter adopts the detachable structural planning, which is conducive to the maintenance and repair of the whole machine.

3. the machine also selects a fixed vacuum box process, and selects a closed equipment. The belt type vacuum filter can be used as a lubricant for the sealing equipment and as a coolant, and the end is a very useful vacuum seal.

The liquid entering the vacuum chamber passes through the gas water separator and the rubber belt moves. The filter cake, which is now formed, will enter the filter cake wash area and the dry area in turn. The filter cloth is separated from the tape and the filter cake is discharged at the place of the filter cake roll. When the vacuum chamber is connected to the vacuum system, a vacuum drainage area is formed on the tape, and the integrated sewage treatment equipment is collected through the transverse grooves on the tape, and through the small holes into the vacuum chamber, the solid particles of the vacuum belt filter are intercepted on the filter cloth to form a filter cake. After cleaning the filter cake, the filter cloth is regenerated after cleaning, and after a group of supporting roll and rectification equipment, it enters the filter area from the beginning to the new filter period.