Operating Principle Of Belt Vacuum Filter

- Sep 21, 2019-

Belt type vacuum filter to filter cloth as the filter medium, make full use of the material and the gravity and vacuum suction realize the solid-liquid separation of efficient separation equipment, using the overall circular rubber belt as vacuum chamber ring tape by the motor run continuously, filter cloth layup on the tape with the synchronous operation, tape and vacuum slider, annular friction on the contact and form a water seal, slurry by charging machine cloth evenly on the filter cloth. When the vacuum chamber through the vacuum system, the vacuum suction filter area is formed on the tape, the filtrate in the filter cloth tape the transverse groove on the summary and the holes into the vacuum chamber, solid particles trapped in the filter cloth filter cake formation, the liquid into the vacuum chamber through the discharge water separator, with the moving of the rubber belt filter cake has been formed in turn into the filter cake washing area and wash the dry area, the filter cloth is separated from tape, in discharging shaft will filter cake discharge, discharge of filter cake filtration cloth after cleaning for regeneration, after a set of supporting shaft and correction device back into the filter area, begin to enter a new filtering area.