The Band Filter Press Is Divided Into Gravity Zone, Wedge Zone And High / Pressure / Shear Zone

- Sep 19, 2019-

The band filter press is a modern design that includes three(3) US patents and many innovative features that provide high performance in a compact, high-value package. Many competing products are based on old and shoddy designs and do not make effective use of filtered areas.
Our rubber belt filter is designed for long-term value and ease of operation. The standard stainless steel frame and roller structure make unmanned operation and integration into the SCADA system easy to complete. Optional press installation operator walkways and handrails easy to dismantle, easy to maintain with filter press, and operators can understand the entire process well.
Our band filter press can achieve excellent results, such as:
Large hydraulic load per meter bandwidth & GT; 150 GPM
WWTP Level 1-Cake Solid Content Up to 37 %
Oxygen digestion-cake solids up to 24 %
ATAD process-30 % cake solid particles @ 2000 lb / H / M
Lagoon sludge-solid load of 2500 lb / H / M, producing 20 % solids
Mineral Mud-50-70 % TS cake solids at 6,000 pounds per hour per meter
Separation of lime treatment-47 % cake solids @ 1400 lb / H / M
These are some examples of real-world filter manufacturers, our belt filter press system can provide good conditions and materials. Contact us and ask us for more information about some of our case studies with the experience and ability of a filter press.