The Ultimate Vacuum Degree That The Vacuum Pump Cannot Pump

- Feb 09, 2020-

When this fault occurs, the air tightness of the vacuum system should be checked first to see if there is a slight leak. Secondly, the gas ballast should be turned on, and the pump should be operated for about 30 minutes to drain the compressible steam caused by non-pump oil pollution and discharge the effect of compressible steam on the ultimate vacuum.

After excluding the above two factors, the main reasons that cause the vacuum pump to fail to reach the ultimate vacuum degree are the following: the pump oil is contaminated and the oil needs to be changed; the oil filter in the pump is blocked, causing the oil circuit of the compression oil injection system to be unsmooth. Insufficient oil causes the pump body to be tightly sealed. At this time, the internal oil filter needs to be cleaned, and the oil distributor valve is deformed, damaged or worn.

It can also cause insufficient oil supply. In this case, check and replace the oil distributor valve. Prolonged use may cause wear of the rotary vane of the vacuum pump or insufficient spring tension in the rotor, resulting in inadequate isolation between the suction chamber and the exhaust chamber, which may cause the vacuum pump to fail. The vacuum performance is degraded. At this time, the rotor and spring should be replaced, and the rotor and pump cavity should be cleaned. Check the exhaust valve and watch.

Whether the action fails, which results in poor exhaust. Replace the exhaust valve if necessary.

The motor of the vacuum pump stopped in the middle of operation: This is because the voltage is too high, the oil level of the power supply is out of phase and the oil level exceeds the lower limit of the oil level. You can eliminate this situation by suspending use and checking the power supply. If the startup is abnormal, then the electrical component is faulty. Just replace the electrical component.

Vacuum pump water:

  If the vacuum pump enters the water due to too much water in the cooler, the water is pumped into the oil processed in the vacuum pump and contains more water. The water vapor cannot be cooled into water in the cooler and enters the vacuum pump. You can observe the liquid on the cooler. The level meter, if the water level is too high, should discharge in time, clean the vacuum pump, replace the vacuum pump oil to eliminate this situation.