Use And Maintenance Of Filter

- May 05, 2018-

Filter press works for us, pays for us, but there is a saying: "pay is rewarded"! Such a sentence is not only applicable to humans, but also to pressure filters. Our reward for filter press is careful maintenance. The more careful we maintain, the more we can repay for it. Is that what you think, too? Now that we have talked about the maintenance of the filter press, let's emphasize again, I believe we can get more benefits from our efforts.

1. Apply to the habit. In the long term work of the filter press, it is often due to some small problems in the use of custom. With the passage of time, a big problem is caused to the equipment, so the users must use it correctly, especially if the filter is not opened on an empty stomach, when there is no filtrate between filter plates. The pressure filter provided by the pressure system of the filter press is likely to depress the filter plate and damage it, resulting in the complete paralysis of the equipment. Therefore, when using the pressure filter, the best maintenance method is to use the manufacturer's regulations.

2. Hydraulic system. Hydraulic pressure station in the hydraulic system is a closed space, and a long time use of filter press, perhaps the hydraulic oil will decrease with the time, when the hydraulic oil is reduced to a certain time, can not meet the requirements of the oil pump, the oil pump will turn, so that the motor can be burned out of the motor pump. The hydraulic system causes damage. So we must pay attention to the change of hydraulic oil, even when it is lower than the line of use.

3, filter press filter cloth. As filter cloth is a necessary part of filter press, the use of filter press is also the use of filter cloth. We use for cloth, just remember one thing, once is cloth used once, when cleaning out, not dry too much, too dry to prevent filter cloth, filter cloth by changing the pore size affect the filtering effect.