Vacuum Filter Installation And Maintenance

- Apr 11, 2020-

After unpacking the equipment, remove the packaging grease, and check whether the fasteners, meters, switches and terminals are loose or fall off.

Turn on power and ground protection.

Open the valve of the water supply pipeline, and continuously supply the vacuum pump with an appropriate amount of supplemental water to ensure that the water ring necessary for vacuuming is formed in the pump, and the purpose of cooling can be achieved. In order to ensure the use performance and operation safety of the pump, each operation time should not exceed 10min. If you need to reuse it, you must replace the circulating water to ensure that the water temperature does not exceed 30 ℃. (Note: the amount of supplemental water is too small, the water ring cannot be formed, and the calibrated vacuum cannot be reached; too much water will increase unnecessary water. Power consumption and motor power consumption, and emit a harsh noise).

Before driving, open the large and small filter disc valves, and the rest are closed.

If there is a screaming sound during the test drive, the water should be adjusted to a small amount immediately. After no screaming sound, the valve of the opened filter disc should be closed, and the pointer of the vacuum gauge should be observed. After reaching the calibration value, the machine can be used normally.

When using fixed filter discs to filter materials, first lock the filter discs, wet the filter cloth and filter paper placed on the filter plate with a small amount of water, then pour the ore pulp into the filter discs, and open the valve of the filter discs, namely The normal work can be repeated intermittently or continuously.

To prevent backwater from entering the vacuum system during shutdown, the valve should be closed first and then the pump should be stopped. After the work is completed, if it is not used for 1-2 days, the screw plug in the lower part of the pump cover must be opened, the accumulated water in the pump should be cleaned, and then stop. The screw plug must be tightened during use.

After a long period of shutdown, before restarting, the motor protective cover should be removed, and the motor fan blade should be turned by hand to make it flexibly rotate before starting.