Vacuum Oil Filter Operation Characteristics

- Feb 09, 2020-

The vacuum oil filter uses a combination of stainless steel mesh filter element, beam filter element and polymer composite filter element. On the one hand, it ensures high filtration accuracy, the particle size of impurities after filtering is ≤ 3 μm, and on the other hand, it increases the filter element's dirt holding capacity. From the perspective of housekeeping, the filtering operation is a flowing process, that is, a multiphase fluid passes through a porous medium.

This process has two significant characteristics:


   The flow of fluid through porous media, including filter media and filter cake, is extremely slow. There are two types of factors that affect this flow. One is macroscopic hydrodynamic factors, such as the thermal properties of filter media, filter cake structure, and pressure differential. The other type is microchemical factors, such as jogging, capillarity, and solid particles.

The larger the diameter, the more dominant the influence of macro factors, and the smaller the influence, the more important the influence of micro physical and chemical factors, the factors affecting the working process of the oil filter are very complicated, and it is very difficult to handle this process from the theoretical analysis.

   The solid particles suspended in the fluid are continuously deposited in the pores inside the medium or on the surface of the medium, and the filter cake deposited on the surface of the medium is continuously compressed, so as the filtration progresses, the flow resistance continues to increase. This machine adopts the oil-water separation technology combining film evaporation and drying.

It has vacuum pumping speed and heating power matched with each other, and is equipped with high-efficiency degassing element, so that the machine has a dehydration function. Handling insulating oil at room temperature, performance indicators exceed national standards. Adopts composite microporous filtration technology, which has strong dirt holding capacity and high filtration accuracy. Small and efficient, reliable operation, easy to move, especially suitable for

Handle insulation oil on site.

   Suspensions with a fast sedimentation rate of solid particles should be used on the top of the filter media. The filter equipment is used to make the filtration direction consistent with the direction of gravity. The coarse particles settle first. The suspension is mixed with e.g. diatomaceous earth and swell

Thicker solid particles such as perlite can loosen the filter residue layer. When the viscosity of the filtrate is large, the suspension can be heated to reduce the viscosity. After the work is completed, check the working condition of the vacuum oil filter, open the abandon valve to make the vacuum reach the normal atmospheric pressure, take a picture of the oil in the cylinder, and release the remaining oil from the drain tank to prevent the next time

When using the oil with non-stop models, pay special attention to the water in the vacuum pump and water tank in winter, otherwise the vacuum pump and water storage tank will be frozen.