Working Principle And Flow Chart Of Belt Filter Press

- Mar 21, 2020-

1 working principle

The dehydration process of belt press filter can be divided into four important stages: pretreatment, gravity dehydration, wedge zone pre-pressure dehydration and press dehydration.

1.1 pretreatment stage:

The flocculated material is gradually added to the filter belt, so that the free water outside the flocculation is separated from the flocculation under the action of gravity, and the water content of the sludge flocculation is gradually reduced and the fluidity becomes worse. Therefore, the dehydration efficiency of the gravity dehydration section depends on the nature of the filter medium (filter belt), the nature of the sludge and the flocculation degree of the sludge. The gravity dehydration section removes a large amount of water from the sludge.

1.2 wedge prepress dehydration stage:

Gravity sludge dewatering, liquidity is obvious, but it is still difficult to meet the requirements of liquidity squeeze dewatering section of the sludge, therefore, in between the squeezing sludge dewatering and gravity dehydration, added a wedge preloading dehydration, slight squeeze dewatering of sludge by the segment, removing the free water surface, liquidity is almost completely lost, thus ensure the sludge under normal circumstances will not be out in squeeze dewatering, create conditions for smoothly to squeeze dewatering.